Time Management Tips to Clean up Your Schedule

Time Management Tips

Who better to clean your schedule than a Tucson cleaning service? Life can be absolutely overwhelming. Have you ever had a day where you felt like you were constantly on the go without a moment’s rest, only to find that you barely made a dent on your to-do list?  Other days, we get so focused on the tasks at hand that others fall right through the cracks – like putting dinner in the crockpot. We’ve got you covered with some time management tips that can really help to tip the scales- or the clock- in your favor.


This may seem like an obvious tip.  Everyone knows that the most important tasks should be done first, but that’s rarely ever how life goes.  Important tasks can often get pushed to the side by those that seem like they won’t take long or tasks that pop up unexpectedly. The basic idea behind time management is to get rid of these obstacles.

Here’s a good outline for how you should prioritize your tasks when you start your day:

  1. Tasks that absolutely must be done
    1. Time-sensitive tasks
    2. Shorter Tasks
    3. Longer Tasks
  2. Tasks that don’t need to be done right away
  3. Tasks that are ‘wants’ and not ‘needs’

When prioritizing, make notes of deadlines for time-sensitive tasks as well as tasks that need to be done at a certain time, such as doctor’s appointments and taking kids to school. It’s also a good idea to make note of how long tasks take you to complete, especially if they are recurring tasks. This will help you to plan better in the future.

Bullet Journals


Bullet Journal to save time

Image via BulletJournal.com

Bullet journals are one of our favorite time management tips. They offer a lot of freedom when compared to the traditional day calendar. If you find yourself needing more than just a calendar, you may want to try a bullet journal. We find that bullet journals are a great system for getting a top down look at your life as well as to help organize thoughts and reminders. There are several resources online for learning how to make and use a bullet journal, but a great place to start is the site that started it all.


The Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro Techique is a lifesaver for people who are interested in time management, but struggle with getting distracted or burning out after focusing on tasks for too long.  The basic idea behind this system is to  balance work and breaks. It looks like this:

  • Spend 25 minutes working on a task
  • Break for 5 minutes and do something rewarding
  • Repeat until you’ve had 4 work sessions
  • Take a break of 20-30 minutes to recharge

This may seem like you are spending a lot of time on a break, but it cuts out distractions and interrupts them and corrals them into specific timeslots.  It can also help you track how much time you are spending on a given task and protect the quality of your work  by allowing you to rest. Just remember to reset the timer and follow it! If you do a lot of your work online, you can take advantage of tools like Strict Workflow, a Chrome Extension that follows the Pomodoro Technique and blocks sites such as Facebook and Twitter during your work sessions.


You lose a lot of time to tasks you don’t need to be doing. These are the tasks that need to be done, but don’t necessarily need to be done by you.  There are a lot of menial tasks out there that demand a great deal of your time. By delegating these tasks, you give yourself the opportunity to work on things that can really make a difference in your life.

The Maids of Tucson can help you get rid of a huge time commitment with our home cleaning service.  Our time estimate for our 3 or 4 person team to do an initial deep clean of your home is 60 minutes per every 1,000 square feet. Imagine what you could do when you save that time. In the meantime, here are some 5 minute cleaning tips!

Other tasks that you can delegate include things like grocery shopping (Have your groceries delivered), anything that can be automated ( paying bills or refilling prescriptions),  and simple work tasks that can be delegated to your team.

Our Tucson Cleaning Service Wants to Tidy your Schedule!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our time management tips. If you’re ready to delegate your chores to a Tucson cleaning service you can depend on, give The Maids of Tucson a call today!

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