Spring Cleaning: Declutter Your Home With These Tips

Spring Cleaning

We’re taking spring cleaning and decluttering and mixing it up for you. We aren’t giving you any tired old lists to follow. We’re going to give you some tips to turn spring cleaning on its head and make it easier and less tedious for you and your family, and yes, we’re getting the whole family into the act.

Start in the Bathroom

Your bathroom and kitchen are the most used and most necessary rooms in your home, yet they get the short end of the stick when it comes to spring cleaning and general decluttering. Choose the main bathroom and find ways for your kids to help. Remove all chemicals, razors and other hazardous items from the bathroom. Now you and your children can dig in and clean and declutter the bathroom.

Ask the children to organize their bathroom belongings, then tell them to pick out things they no longer need. Toss almost-empty shampoo and bubble-bath products. Tell the kids that from now on you won’t buy any new bath products until the old ones have been used. Direct each child to make a shopping list or dictate a shopping list to an older sibling. What makes this spring cleaning method special are your kids. Teach them organization and smart shopping at the same time (although there are some tips here for you, dads and moms.)

If you run into a problem like heavy mildew or what appears to be mold, don’t try to tackle it yourself. That’s why we’re here. You may think that your bathroom is mold and mildew free until you encounter a leak under the sink. Call us. Let us clean up the really nasty messes for you.


Parents, look around at your kids’ rooms. Then go look at yours. Then sit down and breathe. It’s okay. Let’s declutter your bedrooms.

You used the bathroom to teach your children decluttering. Now you can tell them to do the same thing in their bedrooms. Tell them to pick out things they don’t wear or play with anymore. Set a good example by doing the same thing when you go through your closet. Get rid of things you aren’t wearing but are holding onto because you might lose or gain weight. Keep only what you wear.

Let your children keep their sentimental old toys. Tell the oldest child how to set up a display shelf of his or her favorite old toys. Then instruct the younger children to follow suit, but let them each do their own toy shelves. Throw away broken toys or toys with missing pieces. Any toys that can’t be passed down to younger siblings should go to a thrift store.

The Kitchen and Living Area

Remember that part of the benefit of decluttering is to reveal hidden messes like carpet stains and dirty appliances. Ask the kids to reshelve books, games and DVDs. Neaten your entertainment center. Put all unused devices and cords into a plastic bin. Buy a nice toy box for the living room or den. Donate magazines to a senior center.

Do a quick pantry and fridge scan and toss everything past the expiration date.

Throw away plastic soda cups from restaurants. Take out the drawer full of straws, sporks and condiments and dump it in the trash. Wipe it out with an antibacterial wipe and then use it to organize the new kitchen towels and dish cloths that you’re going to buy. That’s right; it’s time to reward yourself. Don’t forget to reward the kids. Ask each child what one item he or she feels they need for their room. Set a price limit. Items may range from lamps to cork boards to posters. Remember that your children have worked hard with you and everyone needs a treat.

When You’re Through Decluttering

You’ll find messes and you’ll panic. Call us. You’ve made room for us to work on steam-cleaning your carpets, disinfecting all your bathrooms and cleaning your grout. We’ll also clean your appliances inside and out, take down and wash your drapes and get rid of those upholstery stains that have been bugging you for months. Please feel free to ask us about anything else you’d like cleaned. If you follow the instructions in this article, you’ll have your house ready for cleaning by our professional cleaning technicians. Contact us for a free consultation.

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