How to Remove Make  Up and Nail Polish Stains

Remove Make up and Nail Polish Stains



Ever have those days where your cosmetics look so good that your carpet or blouse decide they want some, too?  Make up and nail polish stains can be rough to remove, but that might not mean they’ll stay forever. Here are some great tips for removing make up and nail polish stains.

Removing Make Up Stains

  • Products with oil such as lipstick can be countered by applying a small amount of grease-fighting dish soap and letting it sit before gently rubbing dry.
  • You can also try rubbing the stain with castile soap and letting it sit overnight.
  • Oil-free make up stains can be tackled with shaving cream and stain removal pens.

Removing Nail Polish Stains

  • Clothes- Dab stain through a paper towel with acetone nail polish remover after doing a spot check to ensure it won’t damage the fabric. Launder immediately afterwards.
  • Wood- Spray the stain with hair spray and then wipe clean. Do not use nail polish as it can remove the finish on the wood.
  • Other hard surfaces- Try a non-acetone nail polish followed by a magic eraser to get the job done.

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