Moving takes a lot out of a person. That’s why additional help cleaning a home while moving out is in such high demand. The last thing most people want to do after packing a moving truck full of belongings is to wipe down appliances, vacuum floors, and dust windowsills.

That’s where having a reliable move out cleaning service to call for help makes sense. It saves you the frustration of adding more to your already busy schedule. You hand the keys over to us and we make sure to take care of every task on your cleaning move out checklist.

The Maids provide “moving out” house cleaning services that meet your needs and schedule. Rather than try to juggle several things at once, let us take care of the housework for you. We clean and disinfect your home so it’s ready for the next person to move into it. You get to focus on what matters most-you and your family.

Saving you valuable time is our specialty. Our maids take care of the details so you can take care of the other things you need to do in order to complete your move. Once you see how well we clean the home you’re leaving, you’ll want to give us a call for your new home as well.

Unpacking boxes, getting utilities turned on, and managing work and school schedules is enough for you to think about. Why add cleaning to the list? Once you are all settled in and need an extra hand cleaning up, give us a call. Our experienced maids take care of the tasks you dread most. After moving in, house cleaning is worth the investment!

In addition to picking up and straightening rooms, we dust, vacuum, clean entry and patio doors and windows, wipe down sinks and range tops, and hand wash floors. We do all the sprucing up giving you more free time enjoy your new home.

We offer additional services that involve more in-depth cleaning. If that’s something you’re interested in, let us know and we’ll make arrangements to fully clean your appliances, drapes, and windows. A sparkling clean home is the least we can do to help you feel comfortable in your new house.

Rental House Cleaning

If you’re the owner of a rental home, our rental house cleaning services are superior and well-loved by landlords all over Tucson. Imagine the amount of time you’d save each year by having The Maids do the dirty work for you! If you own more than one rental home, our rental house cleaning services are even more valuable to you.

Your high standards guide how we clean. We want you to be 100% satisfied with the work we do inside your old, new, or rental home. We go the extra mile to make sure that everything is spotless before we leave. It’s how we’d expect others to clean our home and that’s the type of standards we hold ourselves to when we’re in your rental home.

Make a great impression on the new tenant you rent to by providing him or her with a sparkling clean home from day one. People love hassle-free living. Rental house cleaning services allows your properties to stand out from the other choices renters have. Leave them with a great impression after they view your property.

Experienced Professionals at Your Service

Let our decades of experience attest to the type of cleaning we do. If you’ve never used our services before, we’d love to show you what The Maids is all about. Cleaning homes is our specialty. It’s something we take great pride in and it shows in everything we do. We treat you like our family because let’s face it, you matter to us! Contact us today and let us know your move out date so we can get you on the schedule, 520-795-7977.

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