How to Keep Your House Clean Between Maids Visits


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The fresh feeling you get when our maids leave your home after a cleaning visit can’t be beat.  That’s why it’s so important to keep the house clean between Tucson maid visits. It’s ok, The Maids of Tucson are here to help you with your home cleaning even when we aren’t there by offering these tips to keep your home fresh and tidy!

There’s no deep cleaning necessary here- leave all of the heavy scrubbing to us! The best way to keep your house looking tidy is to manage all of the things that tend to pile up around you. Nothing gets rid of that just-cleaned feeling like clutter everywhere! Here are some potential clutter disasters that need to be taken care of before they overrun your home.


Have you ever had a mail bin in your home that quickly turned into Mail Mountain? Yikes! Get rid of this clutter before it begins by opening your mail as soon as you get it, throwing out all of those high interest credit card offers and other unwanted missives (recycling whenever you can), and keeping only the important  pieces, like the birthday card from Aunt Ruth.  Make sure that you recycle all of your circulars as soon as you are done deal hunting. (Did you know stores like Fry’s have apps you can use for that instead? Throw out the clutter!)


If there were ever a task that felt like a never-ending chore, it’s laundry.  Where’s your designated laundry pile? A chair in the corner? On top of the washing machine? The floor? Wait, are those clean or dirty? The best tips for keeping your house clean from mysterious laundry piles are to make sure you have at least one designated dirty laundry bin and that you put your clothes away as soon as they come out of the dryer. Oh, and don’t leave them in the dryer for hours after it stops running unless you have a lot of free time for ironing.



Dishes are the third and largest part of the triple threat to tidiness. Not only do dirty dishes tend to pile up, but bits of leftover food are very attractive to bugs and can even leave you wondering how to remove that unpleasant odor.  After a meal, make sure that you are rinsing all of your dishes and loading them into your dishwasher if they are dishwasher safe. You have more leeway than with your dryer, but don’t let your dishes sit in the dishwasher for too long after being cleaned. That’s a surefire way to start a pile up and overwhelm you before your team of Tucson maids arrive.



Keys on the table, jacket on the back of the chair, and loose change are all things that won’t ruin the look and feel of your home, but become overwhelming if left unattended. Not to mention the frustration that comes when things aren’t where they belong. As time permits, especially if you are already on your way to the room where it belongs pick up stray items and return them to their rightful place.  Every now and then, you may want to “spring clean” your home and de-clutter areas such as your kitchen and closets to prevent clutter before it begins.


Keeping your house clean and fresh

Now that you’ve taken care of tidying up, it’s time to make sure your home is clean. Keep you and your family safe from bacteria by spraying your sinks, toilets, and most-used surfaces with disinfectant. Make sure to keep the trash cans free from overflow and spills and sweep up loose crumbs that make their way to the floor.

A clean, fresh feeling doesn’t always have to mean cleaning your home! Let light and fresh air in through your windows and consider using an air freshener for an enjoyable atmosphere.


Tucson Maids are here for You

The Maids of Tucson can give your home the deep, healthy clean that you deserve.  We’re here to remove dirt, dust, allergens, bacteria and more from your home while also removing stress and time commitments from your life.  Our 22 Step Healthy Touch System is designed to leave your home cleaner and healthier than ever before, in fact, we offer a 100% guarantee for our work. If don’t already have a home cleaning service in Tucson, reach out to The Maids of Tucson today and see if our services are right for you and your home!

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