Our cleaning services are based on our unique rigorous 22-step deep-cleaning Healthy Touch® cleaning system. We use only environmentally-preferable supplies and state-of-the-art equipment to remove more dust, dirt and other allergens than conventional cleaning practices.

22-Step Healthy Touch®

Healthy Touch® is based on a 22-step plan of action. This breakthrough system, together with our environmentally preferable products and state-of-the-art backpack vacuum are guaranteed to make your home cleaner and healthier – from your kitchen to your bedroom.

The Maids Home Services 22-Step Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System, including a HEPA filtration vacuum system, was created to provide you and your family with the healthiest living environment possible.

Your Health

The Maids Healthy Touch® cleaning system was created to provide you and your family with the healthiest living environment possible. Studies have shown that the quality of the air we breathe continues to deteriorate. Homes today are built so air-tight that any air that gets in – good or bad – has a difficult time getting out, making your cleaning practices all the more important.

Animal dander is a primary cause of indoor allergies and asthmatic reactions, and it is not limited to animal fur. Deep cleaning for pet owners is essential to ensure that all pet related allergens are efficiently removed from their homes. Vacuum manufacturer ProTeam, a partner with American Lung Association designed The Maids’ backpack vacuum to help pet owners breathe easier. With our rubber upholstery attachment and powerful retraction action (removing particles up to 1/210th the diameter of a human hair!), we will keep your home healthy and safe for everyone in your home, including your “best friends.”

Our Environmental “Healthy Touch®”

A commitment to eco-friendly cleaning services

The Maids began using green cleaning products in 1995 after two years of extensive research with industry experts. Our Healthy Touch® system focuses on health and incorporates three components that work intrinsically together – a HEPA filtration, multiple-filtered Back Pack Vac, environmentally-friendly cleaning products, and a systematically engineered cleaning method. All three parts of our eco-friendly cleaning services work together to reduce allergy-triggering contaminants in the home, such as dust mites, dander, bacteria, pollen and other pollutants.

Chosen for their safety, our environmentally preferred products are biodegradable, using bio-based ingredients for a natural, safe cleaning alternative. In choosing our green cleaning products, we consider their effects on human health and safety, ecological toxicity and environmental impact. Specifically, our environmentally preferred products are non-toxic, non-flammable and do not contain carcinogens, irritants, sensitizers or chemicals known to damage the environment. This assures that our eco-friendly cleaning products are safe when used around pets and kids, while also addressing the safety of our professional cleaners and still meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

In first-time cleans, and depending on the cleanliness of the home, The Maids may need to sparingly use stronger products to bring a home to the level of service and satisfaction for which we are known. Please contact your local provider if you have specific questions about the products that will be used in your home.

Green cleaning products, an eco approach, and HEPA filtration work in tandem to provide the cleanest clean.

The Maids’ comprehensive approach to eco-friendly cleaning services also includes tools, equipment and procedures that eliminate waste and protect the environment. For instance, The Maids minimizes water and paper waste, using proprietary cleaning procedures and equipment that are environmentally conscious. Attention is given to our processes and procedures that ultimately emphasize resource conservation. For example, we utilize reusable microfiber cloths, instead of disposable cloths. We also wash and reuse cleaning materials and containers to reduce unnecessary disposal.

The intention of The Maids’ eco-friendly cleaning services is to provide a clean, healthy home while still protecting the environment from hazardous toxins and unnecessary waste. Our green cleaning products and practices follow Environmental Protection Agency recommendations, and are recognized for their consideration of the environment. Learn more about The Maids’ eco-friendly cleaning services.

The Maids is committed to making sure the air our customers breathe is cleaner and better for their health and well-being. For more information on allergies, asthma and other related information, please view the following health-related links:

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