Four tips for organizing your closet

How to Organize your closet

Organizing your closets well can not only make accessing your belongings easier; it can even free up storage space you didn’t know you had. Here are four ways to optimize the space available by using clever organizational techniques that keep your clothing, shoes, and accessories logically sorted and easy to find.

1. Maximize hanging space

Try sorting your hanging clothes by length or type. Once you have an area dedicated to shirts, jackets, or something else relatively short, you can double its usefulness by installing a closet rack extender to hang more clothes beneath that section. Other ways to save hanging space include using thinner hangers and using stackable hangers that hang from each other to store clothes vertically.

2. Use vertical strategies for floor space

If your closet is tiny, all you’ll have is the floor space under your hanging clothes. If your closet is a walk-in, you have more room to work with but also more potential for chaos. Use these strategies to optimize whatever floor space you have by capitalizing on its intersection with vertical space.

Create more floor space with vertical organization

If your closet is just four feet by six feet, you only have twenty-four square feet to work with. You can change this by converting vertical space into more theoretical  “floor space.” Add a shoe rack with three four-foot shelves, and you now have half again as much square footage. Any multi-level storage solution can increase the amount of “floor space” created this way.

Find gaps in vertical space and fill them strategically

Stand back and look at how things are positioned in your closet. Take note of any empty spaces, small gaps, and dead air, then start brainstorming ways to use that space. If you have a six-inch gap between the back wall and your hanging clothes, you have a significant amount of vertical space that’s not being used. Try storing something thin in that gap, such as:

  • An under bed bag filled with wrapping paper and stored vertically
  • A folding step stool to help you access your highest closet shelf
  • Vacuum-sealed bed linens
  • Thick winter coats hanging on hooks on the wall

Or if these ideas themselves don’t appeal to you, let the examples act as a springboard to help you brainstorm ideas for what you can fit into the small gaps in your own closet.

3. Don’t waste high shelves or wall space

If you have a small closet with one shelf just above the hanging rack, look up. You could have three or four feet of underutilized space above the shelf. Try some of these optimization strategies:

  • Use the shelf to store something that will use all the available vertical space, such as suitcases stored standing up
  • Install another, narrower shelf halfway up to break the vertical space into usable increments
  • Hang a folding stepstool on the closet wall so you’ll always be able to access the highest shelf
  • Check for space between the shelf and the hanging rack; you may have room for under-shelf storage baskets

If you have a larger closet, you’ll have even more room for creative organization. Consider using some of these strategies to make the most of it:

  • Hang a pot rack from the ceiling to suspend hats, scarves, or handbags
  • Squeeze corner shelves in to utilize otherwise unusable corner spaces
  • Hang mirrors (to give the appearance of more space) and increase lighting to make the space easier to use

4. Don’t forget the door

A common recommendation for closet doors is the hanging shoe rack, but if you’re going for a classier look you may want to opt for a more creative approach to closet door storage. Some ideas you may be interested in include:

  • Use a chain of stacked hangers down the middle of the door as a unique storage option for  bras.
  • Mount an empty picture frame strung with wires as a rack to hold all your earrings neatly and artistically.
  • Use a peg board to hang all your jewelry on the back of the door.
  • Use a towel bar or curtain rod and s-hooks to form a convenient hanging rack for all your handbags.
  • Or substitute shower curtain rings for the s-hooks and thread your scarves through them.

These are just a few of the endless possibilities for closet door organization.

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