Five Simple Cleaning Hacks To De-clutter Your Kitchen

Cleaning Hacks

Whether your kitchen clutter tends to congregate on counter-tops or in cabinets, chances are you’ve wished for more space at one time or another. Here are five cleaning hacks that use untapped vertical space to eliminate clutter and free up working and storage room.

  1. Hang fruits and vegetables

Instead of keeping fruits in cute baskets on the counter, free up that crucial space and create hanging decor by suspending baskets from the ceiling. These can provide easy snacking access and add a cute finishing touch to your kitchen furnishings. Shelf-stable vegetables such as onions and potatoes can receive a similar treatment for a more rustic feel.

  1. Install a pot rack

If you have a high ceiling, a suspended pot rack can be the ideal central piece to set the tone of your kitchen. In addition to showing off the great quality of your pots and turning them into an artistic display, it makes these essential tools instantly accessible and easy to look through.

  1. Use stacking canisters

Whether you store common baking ingredients on the counter or in the cupboard, canisters are a great way to keep them fresh. And choosing containers that stack two layers high will cut the counter or shelf space they require in half. The higher you stack them (within reason), the more space you save! Remember to label your canisters clearly so you don’t have to look through the entire stack to find one ingredient.

kitchen clutter tricks

  1. Add shelves to cabinets

Have you ever noticed how much empty space your cabinets hide? Between the tops of dishes or food items and the underside of the  next shelf up, you may find several inches of unused space. Stacking helps, but after a certain point stacks become unstable and difficult to access. This can be especially problematic with fragile items. Adding extra shelves increases the amount of usable space and helps keep stacks to a reasonable size. If you don’t want to take the time to install wood shelves, simple wire shelves designed to boost cabinet storage can serve just as well.

  1. Hang almost anything on the wall

Once you start thinking creatively, you’ll find nearly limitless ways to use wall-mounted organizers for various kitchen tools. The best ones are both attractive and convenient. They place  often-used tools in an easy-to-reach spot and simultaneously add to the atmosphere of the room. You can try some or all of these ideas in your kitchen, depending on your style of decor.

  • Hanging mail organizer: The working spaces in a kitchen can so easily become layered over with mail, calendars and planners, loose recipes, and other paperwork that’s too important to throw away. Reclaim these work areas by organizing papers in wall pockets, which can not only keep them out of the way but also keep them within reach and ready at a moment’s notice.
  • Hanging spice racks: Spice racks can use wall space quite efficiently while simultaneously eliminating dozens of small bottles from your cupboard. The type that stores spices horizontally like wine bottles can fit the most spice jars on the smallest area of wall.
  • Hanging cookbook racks: If one of your cupboards is taken up by cookbooks, try installing a rack or two around the kitchen to help put them on display. This will also make them easier to grab and use, allowing you to put their information to use even more easily.
  • Hanging measuring spoons: Command hooks or any other type of small, easy-to-install hook can be lined up in a row to form a measuring spoon rack. If you don’t feel like storing your measuring spoons out in the open, you can just as easily place these hooks on the inside door or wall of a kitchen cabinet.
  • Hanging roll and wrap dispensers: For a cheap, easy solution, you can fasten cling wrap, aluminum foil, and waxed paper boxes to the refrigerator by using magnets. Or if you’d like something more elegant, you can buy a purpose-made wrap dispenser that mounts on your wall.

These five tips for using your vertical space can help de-clutter everything from food to cookbooks to pots and pans. If you’d like more help with kitchen cleaning, check out our cleaning services to discover how we can help. Getting a free quote is easy; simply fill out the online form or call us at (520) 795-7977.

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