Cleaning Mistakes You’ll Never Make Again

Cleaning MistakesCommon cleaning mistakes waste your time and leave your home just as dirty as it was before. Our Tucson cleaning service professionals have some great advice for how you can avoid making blunders when trying to clean your home.

1. Stop Using More Product Than You Have To

This mistake costs you time and money. On top of that, using excessive cleaners can actually hurt whatever it is you are trying to clean. Even if you feel like a particular spot or stain will require more than the product instructions list, start with that amount and work your way upwards slowly if you aren’t seeing any results. Too much cleaner can damage certain materials or cause build-up that otherwise wouldn’t happen.

2. Make Sure You’re Reading All Instruction On Your Cleaning Products

In addition to using more product than necessary, not reading the instructions for a product could be harmful to your home and your health. Make sure you understand which surfaces are ok to spritz your cleaners on and be sure you are using those products safely.

3. Cleaning Quickly

Other than a quick pick-up of your clutter, you should expect cleaning your home to take some time. Many cleaning products need to sit for a set amount of time before being wiped away. On top of that, quick, distracted cleaning is a good way to just move dirt and bacteria around your household surfaces. There’s no easier way to “miss a spot” and chances are that you are missing some of the most important areas.

Running your vacuum quickly through your home means that it’s not picking up nearly as much dirt and dust as it should be – leaving you vulnerable to allergies and discomfort. Quickly cleaning glass leads to streaks and residue. If you really value a clean home, invest the right amount or hire a Tucson cleaning service so that you don’t have to worry about it.

4. Not Testing Your Products

Many products- particularly stain removers- instruct you to test them on a small patch of the surface or item you are trying to clean. Ignoring this step could lead to abrasions on the surfaces and discoloration of your fabrics.

5. Window Cleaning When it’s Sunny

This mistake is particularly hard for Tucsonans to avoid. Cleaning your window while the sun bears down on it means that your product is going to dry much faster and will lead to streaks. The best way to avoid this is to clean your windows in the evening or to be very diligent while you clean.

6. Going Overboard With Natural Remedies

Going green with your cleaning is a great idea. In fact, The Maids of Tucson use environmentally-preferable supplies and state-of-the-art equipment to get the job done. However, as useful as vinegar and lemon can be in cleaning your home, dousing your surfaces with it is a bad idea. Many times – particularly with stone surfaces- straight vinegar or lemon can damage and dull. A quick fix for this is to dilute the vinegar. A mix of 1 TBSP vinegar with a half-gallon of water should do the trick.

7. You’re Using The Wrong Tool

Old brooms, vacuums with full filters, and paper towels are just a few things you should avoid when you go to clean your home. That dirty rag that you grab for everything isn’t helping, either. If you’re going to spend your valuable time cleaning- why do it with tools that make it harder or that cancel out your efforts all together? Use clean microfiber cloths to wipe down your surfaces and always check the quality of your tools.

8. You’re Not Using Tools At All

We know that Tucson homeowners don’t have access to HEPA filtration vacuum backpacks like The Maids of Tucson do, but your vacuum should have at least one hose attachment. Help yourself out by using those attachments for hard-to-reach areas where pet fur and dirt gather. If you’ve got hard floors, hose attachments can be much more reliable at picking up crumbs than a broom or the regular vacuum.

9. You’re Working Too Hard

Chances are, it’s not your job to clean homes. But it sure can feel like it when you’re dedicated to giving your home the cleaning service it deserves. Don’t overdo it. If you’re ready delegate your home cleaning to The Maids of Tucson. Home cleaning is our job and we’re ready to use our 22-step healthy touch cleaning system to help you get the deep cleaning you want without the hassle. Give us a call today at (520)795-7977.

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